Quick and Easy High Speed Gaff Tips

This is real-time video of a gaff shot of a Weehoo a couple of years ago. It is not perfect, but here are the important things to remember:

1. Boat-Driver on an outboard driven boat for the last 50ft slightly angle the boat into the fish to keep the fish out of the motor(s).

2. Leader-Man secure the trolling weight with the Rod Guy.

3. Leader Man - Use the length of the boat to your advantage to get the fish in position for the For Gaff-Man.

4. Clear the deck for when the Wahoo comes over the side and use the gaff to control the fish once it is on the deck.

The slight mistakes in this fish-boating:

1. Initially our driver turned away from the fish, but he corrected quickly.

2. Gaff Man left the cockpit with one leg. This can be unsafe for 2 different reasons. (a) he could fall out of the boat and force us to make a decision who is more important..him or the fish. (b) It decreases his leverage and makes an awkward move to get the fish in the boat. Often is causes the fish to pass uncomfortably close to the Gaff Man's body leaving him exposed. On this day the Gaff Man is a washed up Division 1 Football Player and Wrestler that still thinks he's 22.

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