Saint Augustine Showdown Rules


Rules  – 20 , 2021.

  1. The St. Augustine Showdown is March 18th – 20th , 2021.

  2. Standard entry fee is $550.00 per boat. Entry fees and Calcuttas will be accepted up to 9:00 pm March 18th at the Captains’ meeting. All entry fees are nonrefundable.
  3. The heaviest 2 fish aggregate will be the winner. The winner does not have to weigh 2 fish to win. If a boats single fish is heavier than another boats 2 fish then the boat with the most weight will be declared the winner.
  4. The tournament pays out to the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners.
  5. Tournament Payout is 50% to 1st Place, 30% to 2nd Place, 20% to 3rd Place minus tournament expenses. Proceeds to be distributed 48 hours after conclusion of tournament.
  6. All prizes are awarded solely on basis of fish weight. In the event of identical weights, the first fish weighed shall be declared the winner.
  7. The Captain and crew of all entrants are subject to a polygraph test prior to being awarded any prizes. Failure to submit to a polygraph test automatically revokes all claims to prizes and disqualifies the Captain and crew from the tournament.
  8. The fishing days are March 19th and March 20th, 2021 from 07:00am until 05:00pm. All registered tournament boats may only fish one of the two days. The declared fishing day form must be turned in by 7:00am the day of intention. Report changes to phone # 904.859.6314
  9. This is a no checkout tournament. All boats must leave from St. Augustine Inlet, Mayport Inlet, Fernandina Inlet or Ponce Inlet. Boats weighing fish by boat must return to the St. Augustine Inlet only. If the boat has no fish to weigh or is bringing their fish to the scale by vehicle they may return to the inlet of their departure
  10. Official fishing times are per GPS. No lines or teasers in the water before or after official fishing hours each day. All fish entered for competition shall be hooked and fought during official tournament time.
  11. Official weigh master will be located at the Northeast Florida Marlin Association Clubhouse located in Camachee Cove. Scales will open at 5:00 p.m. and close at 8:00 p.m. No fish will be accepted after the official scheduled closing of the scale.
  12. Fish may be brought to the Weigh In by either boat or vehicle.
  13. If weighing fish by boat, boats must be checked in by phone or VHF Radio (Ch 72) and be the intercoastal waterway north of the A1A bridge by 7:30pm or your fish will not be accepted.
  14. If bringing fish to the weigh scale by vehicle you must be in line at the weigh in site by 7:45pm or your fish will not be accepted.
  15. Only 2 Wahoo will be weighed per boat. Hooks must be removed from fish. No wahoo less that 15lbs. will qualify. Fish shall not be mutilated in any way other than hook or gaff marks. Only Wahoo may be weighed in.
  16. A maximum of 6 lines with hooks are allowed. No electric reels permitted for trolling any hooked bait or lure. Electric reels may be used for hookless teasers. Wire Lines are allowed. No participant may transfer a fish from one boat to another. Flying drones, shooting and harpooning are illegal.
  17. All eligible winners must take a digital photograph of their wahoo with the official tournament photo card after the fish has been landed. The photo must texted to 904.859.6314.
  18. All fish will be returned to the boat from the tournament.
  19. There will be no boundaries to fish.
  20. Fish must be weighed in the same day it is caught from the boat on which it was caught.
  21. A boat may be replaced after entry deadline due to breakdown or loss of seaworthiness but is subject to approval by tournament committee.
  22. This is a Captain’s choice tournament. Each captain is solely responsible for the safety of his or her vessel and crew at all times. Captains and crews are responsible for following any federal, state and local fishing or boating laws. We encourage all Captains to heed any weather warnings or dangerous weather conditions. SAFETY ALWAYS COMES FIRST.
  23. Only the first 75 entries will receive a Captains Bucket.
  24. No refund of entry fees, unless the Tournament Committee cancels the Tournament. In that case, prorated entry fees will be returned after expenses.
  25. All Calcuttas must be paid in Cash or Check.
  26. All decisions by tournament committee are final.
  27. Captain's meeting will be at 7pm, Thursday March 18th at the St. Augustine Fish House and Oyster Company located @ 160 Nix Boat Yard Rd, St. Augustine, FL 32084