Wahoo World Challenge Boat & Angler Entry (WWC020)

Wahoo World Challenge Boat & Angler Entry (WWC020)

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One Boat and One Angler Entry

  • The tournament will begin at Sunrise on November 14th, 2020 and end at Sunset January 10th 2021.  *Sunrise and sunset will be determined by your location and time zone.
  • Angler & Boat will be assigned a number. It will be emailed to you in a .pdf file to the email address provided when you purchase your entry.
  • Boat Rules

  • The Boat winner will be determined by a 6 fish length Aggregate. All fish can be entered (posted) in the same day or spread out through 6 different days. But a boat can only enter/post 6 fish. No mulligans.
  • A fish can only be submitted for a boat aggregate if it is from a registered Angler in the Wahoo World Challenge.
  • You can have as many registered anglers on your boat as you can safely carry.
  • Angler Rules

  • An Angler can fish on any boat, it does not need to be registered as a tournament boat.
  • The Angler winner will be determined by a 3 fish length Aggregate, all three can be entered (posted) in the same day or spread out through 3 different days. But you can only enter/post 3 fish. No mulligans.
  • Fish must be landed on Rod & Reel Only.  No hand or boat lines.  No Electric Reels.
  • Mutilated fish will be disqualified.
  • Fish will be measured with clearly identifiable legible rulers. If these rulers appear altered or "mended" in anyway, the fish will be disqualified.
  • In the event of a tie the earlier/earliest posted fish will break the tie. You must video the entire measurement process.
  • Video Requirements are:

  • Fish measurement videos will only be accepted if taken with a date/time stamp included in the video and must be done on the water and NOT at the dock. If you're using your cell phone you may need to download an app from the app store that allows you to have the Date/Time superimposed in the video. If you're using a GoPro type camera, you must have the date/time stamp turned on and displaying the correct date/time.
  • Fish MUST be laying on the right side with the left side exposed.
  • The assigned Boat & Angler Number must be in the video. These Numbers can be hand written or the emailed .pdf file printed out.
  • Fish will be measured from the leading edge (point) of the mouth to the fork in the tail.
  • The measurement ruler/tape must lay on the fish’s exposed (top) side and show no signs of excessive looseness or bunching.
  • After the measurement is complete, during the video the left pectoral fin must be trimmed to less than ½ its length or removed all together. The trim/removal action must be performed during the continuous measurement process video. IF THE FISH IS BEING WEIGHED FOR ANOTHER TOURNAMENT, you may OMIT the pectoral fin trim process, but you MUST provide a video the fish weigh in and provide a picture of the weigh slip. 
  •  All videos MUST be submitted within 24 hours of the measurement video by emailing them to tim@saltwaterchallenge.com or through Facebook messenger to Timothy Altman by clicking here.    
  • All Video and Photographs submitted for review become property of Wahoo Junkies/Saltwater Challenge Series Inc